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Vertex Techno Solutions (B) Pvt Ltd Statutory Declaration

Vertex Techno Solutions Bangalore Pvt Ltd hereinafter referred to as “Vertex” or “We” or “Our” or “The Company”, hereby declare the following:

  • That we have an open-door policy which enables all our employees, vendors and partners to reach out and communicate with the leadership & management at any time, regardless of hierarchy.
  • That Vertex respects the human rights of its workforce, communities and those affected by its operations wherever it operates or conducts business.
  • That Vertex strictly does not encourage or employ child labor, bonded labor, or slavery. We, as an organization, condemn and prohibit all forms of harmful child labor, forced/trafficked labor, discrimination, and harassment.
  • Vertex values diversity, equal opportunity, and the need to consider the rights of vulnerable groups.
  • That our commitment entails respecting human rights and striving to avoid involvement in human rights abuses. We indulge in identifying, assessing, and minimizing potential adverse impacts through due diligence, management of issues and resolution of grievances.
  • That promoting awareness of human rights with employees on a quarterly basis, at various levels of our operations through training and communication is a high priority.
  • That providing access to remedy by resolving grievances in a timely and ethically appropriate manner is the norm within the company.
  • That regular risk assessments are conducted to identify potential risks and suitable precautionary measures are employed.
  • That Vertex consistently strives to align itself with its suppliers in an inclusive, transparent, and culturally appropriate manner on human rights concerns related to its business activities.
  • That Vertex constantly endeavors to influence its suppliers and other organizations with whom it has a leverage to adopt its sustainable business framework. Vertex also encourages and supports the development of equivalent management systems with its suppliers.

For more information or any grievances, reach out to our team.

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