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World Backup Day: Strategies To Effectively Backup Your Data

World Backup Day: Strategies to effectively backup your data

With the current shift of work to hybrid work and work-from-home culture, data is a crucial part of an organization’s operations – whether it be enterprises or SMBs, and the loss of sensitive data is detrimental to an organization’s production, revenue, and in turn reputation.

Every March 31st, World Backup Day is celebrated, with conversations revolving around being aware of two major topics; the importance of regular backups, and the increasing role that data plays both in a personal and professional setting.

Initiated by a Reddit post in the year 2011, World Backup Day was put in place to remind people to save all their important data in a secure place. It is now a recognized holiday worldwide. 

Every organization must have a robust data backup strategy in place to protect critical business data and prepare themselves in data loss scenarios, to which, in some cases, data backups can be the only measure to restore organizational functioning post a data loss disaster. 

Organizations need to discuss and define which data is required to be backed up – depending on the applications and infrastructure their organization have, and then establish a process wherein data backup can be reviewed and adjusted according to their business requirements. Below are some of the ways organizations can effectively back up their data:

  • Establishing the data that is required to be backed up and making sure that any data that is new or modified is regularly backed up
  • Having a consistent backup schedule – either daily or weekly – in order to reduce the amount of damage caused in case of a data failure. 
  • Ensuring that data is backed up in multiple locations by making multiple copies
  • Regularly updating their Operating Systems in order to prevent cyberattacks
  • Ensuring that a secure location is chosen in order to securely store all the data

What strategies is your organization implementing to ensure proper data backup?

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