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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Managed Print Services

Why Small Businesses should consider Managed Print Services

Running a business, big or small, is all about efficiency and optimum use of resources. This is even more important for small businesses as they focus on cutting unnecessary expenditures while managing quality output. Due to this factor, many small businesses turn to Managed Print Service providers to help control and manage their printing expenses.

Managed Print Services or MPS refer to the services provided by an external provider to control and enhance business document output. They enable the management of an organization’s printing devices such as scanners, copiers, printers, and fax machines. Furthermore, they monitor usage, making it efficient and productive and enabling small businesses to cut out on IT support costs. 

The printing services are managed by outsourcing rather than using in-house resources and the process is as follows: MPS begins by assessing company requirements, post which they provide the necessary parts or supplies, and build upon current printing usage to arrive at a monthly estimate of devices used and print fleet.

Let us dive deep into how small businesses can benefit from Managed Print Services:

Reduce costs

Instead of owning multiple printing devices and maintaining them, having a MPS helps reduce the overall added cost for a company through paying a consistently monthly amount to the vendor, saving organizations an erratic monthly expenditure just for printing. An MPS provider will identify the organization’s printing needs, provide the best suitable required devices, orient devices’ maintenance, and ensure they are working correctly. 

An MPS program helps in avoiding a hefty upfront payment for printing devices and consolidates all your costs as a smaller and consistent monthly investment.

Automated fulfillment of supplies

The supplies of your printing devices, such as toner cartridges, are constantly monitored and delivered on time to provide a seamless printing experience. Hence, your organization will always have the required resources for a smooth printing service.

Work Efficiency

Work inefficiencies regarding printing such as printing extra pages, accidentally printing a black & white copy instead of colored, and other concerns cause a certain amount of downtime in the workplace. MPS helps eliminate these wasteful practices by providing an optimized printing solution and taking care of such issues. Managed Print Services also help resolve bottlenecks, making the decision-making process agile with a structured approach. 

Managed Print service providers will also help identify underperforming printing devices and replace them with better ones. Since they are specialists, MPS providers provide the best possible printing solution based on your company’s requirements and budget. They also help place the device in places with the most accessibility to make employees’ jobs easier, enabling efficient workflows and maximizing device usage.

Enhanced security

Smaller businesses are often less equipped regarding data security or being updated on the latest regulatory rule, which makes them fall into compliance-related issues. MPS helps ensure that your company is up to date with the recent laws and documentation requirements, ensuring that all compliance parameters are met. It also provides document encryption to ensure that unauthorized users do not have access to the data. 

In addition, MPS providers also provide printing security software to ensure that the company’s confidential information is secured and safe. For example, unmanaged printers are vulnerable to data leakage, and MPS helps keep this at with software protection and encryption. 

Print Fleet management

The printing devices and processes related to it are constantly monitored to flag any errors, which can be quickly rectified. Furthermore, an MPS provider helps monitor your current usage remotely and provides data reports for what is being spent and the flow of documents to provide transparency in the process.

Managed Print Services is an efficient way to constantly track and analyze your printing needs and receive a periodic assessment for optimized usage. They help cover all printing aspects of your company and help save time and money while doing the same. MPS providers also help in auditing your business fleet and improving efficiencies. In addition, they will help cut down unnecessary printing output, enabling your organization to have a greener footprint by avoiding paper wastage. In case of queries or problems, a customer care associate is always available to help resolve them.

Vertex’s Managed Print Services allow you to achieve cost savings and efficiently manage your printing and imaging assets. In addition, the services simplify the process of purchasing new printing and imaging products, hardware support, and supplies by converging everything into a single contract for print services. 

To know more about how Managed Print Services can benefit your organization, get in touch with one of our experts.

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