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Why Organizations Opt For Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service To Protect Microsoft 365.

Why organizations opt for Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service to protect Microsoft 365.

Cost-effective, secure, and scalable, Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service for Saas Apps is a comprehensive SaaS solution that protects data for Microsoft 365 as well as other SaaS applications, hybrid workloads, and endpoints from a single point of control.

With PowerProtect Backup Service for SaaS Apps, you can make certain that critical data protection gaps are adequately addressed, and your data is recoverable from potential data risks like human errors, internal threats, and ransomware.

This solution also aids your organization’s compliance with data privacy, retention, and residency regulations, including legal hold and eDiscovery, with the primary goals being business continuity and end-user productivity.

Below are some reasons why your organization should opt for Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Services:

Prevents Data Loss and Corruption

Data corruption and loss are always a risk as the customer is accountable for backing up and restoring their data, not Microsoft.

This leaves your critical data prone to human error – through accidental deletion, overwrites, and potential deletion of an entire Sharepoint site -as well as corruption through OneDrive Synchronization and third-party applications.

PowerProtect Backup Services enables a quicker recovery post deletion, data corruption and overwrites through:

  • Automatic data backup regularly;
  • Flexible and granular recovery, with unlimited ‘time travel.’
  • IT-led recovery or easy-to-use self-service restore
  • Numerous restore options, including mailbox, individual file or bulk recovery; ‘in-place,’ ‘as a copy’ or ‘point in time’ recovery and recovery outside Microsoft 365.

Protection from Ransomware

Microsoft only allows recovery from versions at an individual file level. Therefore, if any ransomware attack starts outside the Microsoft retention window, there is no recourse or means to return to clean data in the worst-case scenario.

Only a third-party system can quickly restore your system to clean data and meet your business continuity SLAs.

Here is how PowerProtect Backup Service enables quick data recovery, leading users back to total productivity:

  • Data retention enables complete and rapid recovery to pre-attack “point in time” data.
  • Single-click bulk recovery enables recovery in minutes so that you can meet your SLA’s
  • User-friendly self-service recovery in addition to admin-initiated recovery.
  • Has flexible recovery options: ‘in place,’ ‘as a copy’ or ‘outside’ Microsoft 365 using bulk, flexible and granular options as required.
  • Your data is isolated through an immutable and independent copy and stored in a different environment from Microsoft 365 in order to comply with the disaster recovery requirements,

Resolve Insider threats

One drawback with Microsoft is that they cannot detect malicious Microsoft 365 user actions. For instance, if an employee leaves the organization, their Microsoft 365 account is suspended, leading to the IT team unable to easily access the user’s data to assess and undo potential damage. Unfortunately, archiving the accounts of the departing employee will not retain the previously deleted data.

Hence, a third-party data protection solution is required that enables you to restore data from a point in time. PowerProtect Backup Service assists you in detecting, assessing, and recovering from data loss through:

  • Off-boarding a departing employee’s data to their manager
  • Monitoring user activity through audit logs over a selected period.
  • Adding insights through employee investigations of prior activities.

Enables Data retention and compliance

An essential component in many organizations’ data governance policies is data retention. Microsoft Businesses editions have a limiting data retention policy of 30 to 93 days, depending on your use case and license tier. Microsoft 365 also limits its offerings to a 90-day audit history.

However, Microsoft 365 does not provide sufficient data isolation to comply with disaster recovery requirements due to the data being retained in the same environment, leading to data retention gaps that put your organization at risk of non-compliance with organization policies and the government.

PowerProtect Backup Service enables compliance with data retention so that your organization can meet data governance requirements through:

  • Configurable data retention
  • Audit history that supports security compliance requirements
  • Unified legal hold policies across SaaS solutions and endpoints.
  • Compliance monitoring to analyze potential breaches associated with end-user data and compliance breaches.
  • Flexible recovery options, including “in place” or “as a copy,” or “outside” Microsoft 365 using bulk, flexible, and granular options as required

Legal hold and eDiscovery

Microsoft Business and Enterprise plans differ in their legal hold capabilities as one does not offer it, and the other is limited to Microsoft 365 data only. However, if included in Microsoft 365, legal hold capabilities do not integrate with eDiscovery third-party tools.

Gaps in data retention may hinder full compliance, for example, intentional deletion or departing employees.

Therefore, a third-party data protection solution is required across enterprise data workloads to support end-to-end legal hold and eDiscovery requirements, with no disruption to employees.

PowerProtect Backup Service supports legal hold and eDiscovery requests for all supported SaaS applications and endpoint devices, including Microsoft 365 through:

  • Centralized and automated data collection.
  • Bulk custodian holds, faster export, and support for multiple file formats.
  • Data retention capabilities allow for unlimited ‘time travel’ and data collection in the case of an intentional deletion or an employee leaving the organization.
  • Integrated with third-party eDiscovery tools and offers speedy download time.

To learn more about how Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Services for SaaS apps can benefit your organization, get in touch with our experts.

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