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Why Network Infrastructure Is The Backbone Of Any Thriving IT Business

Why Network Infrastructure is the Backbone of Any Thriving IT Business

The first step in assessing your IT goals for a vision-to-reality transformation is setting up an optimized network infrastructure.

Network infrastructure combines an organization’s IT resources, connected gadgets, and networks across home, mobile, and enterprise into a cohesive unit for seamless operations.

Most IT infrastructure companies rely on an interconnected networking system for business and operational continuity. It ensures seamless data operations within a secure perimeter, which most on-premise enterprises can leverage. In 2020, the network infrastructure market reached $179,381 (, accounting for 60% ( of the total data center market.

This article articulates the need for a reliable and optimized infrastructure through the benefits it delivers.

Before we move on, here’s an example of an evolved network infrastructure.

Why Network Infrastructure is the Backbone of Any Thriving IT Business



Planning and curating your network infrastructure can offer robust and versatile operational connectivity that is pivotal to frictionless organizational cross-functioning. Here are some benefits to underscore this thought.

Additionally, a connectivity outage at a data center hub can impact access to internet-based services or applications while stalling organizational activities. However, setting your network infrastructure in place allows you to communicate internally to keep standard processes and local instances running while your IT department revives the centralized system. Thus, a local network infrastructure ensures business continuity with low or zero system and data impact.

Top Benefits of a Solid Network Infrastructure

a) Improves Efficiency and Secures Resource Sharing

Like inventory management, scheduling, CRM, internal support, and payroll, almost every business vertical benefit from a fully-optimized network infrastructure that works on the latest dataset version, a shared network ensures that every part of your organization can access the resources in a controlled environment with the essential checkpoints in place for continued and secured operations.

b) Reduces Complexity

IT infrastructure solutions help you combine and streamline disparate components to interact and operate together for better efficiency and productivity. For example, you can build a rigid business system that scales with less intervention on-demand by streamlining your network. In addition, you can automatically integrate new network components in less time without data or system integrity issues.

c) Secure Access and Simplified Operations

An ideal network infrastructure offers role-based access controls to systems and subsystems. You can also automate tasks to offer convenience and speed to your authorized employees.

d) Reduces Energy Costs and Consumption

Almost 2% ( of global carbon emissions are a result of IT operations. Networking infrastructures can support your go-green initiatives and offer greater control with the help of data analytics software. In addition, usage metrics evaluation and auto-switching workloads between data centers can help reduce consumption to a great extent.


Irrespective of why you set up a network, it must serve as the cornerstone of operational efficiency for all your data, applications, and functions. Therefore, you need to develop an infrastructure that can operate as a single entity for your IT administrators and end-users while offering granular control on the distributed network of connected devices.

While most networking companies may offer you great networking solutions, Vertex can help you set up a fail-proof networking infrastructure that is frequently recalibrated and optimized for excellence.

Get in touch with our experts for an evaluation of your IT Infrastructure.

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