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Why Cloud IaaS is the Future of IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Market Is Estimated To Reach USD 59 Billion By 2023

Infrastructure as a Service has seen a tremendous growth in the past decade. Not only it has improved businesses’ productivity but also helped them have a true agile environment. Still, just as a refresher,here are the major benefits of IaaS.

Cost and time optimization

When you outsource your infrastructure, it is not your organizations headache! The time that goes into maintenance, updation, repairs, resolution of problem is huge and IaaS saves this time. Plus, you don’t actually own the infrastructure, it is more like renting, thus saves the cost of ownership as well.

 Scalability and flexibility

Businesses today are vulnerable to market changes and should have the capability to turn around quickly. Thus, scaling up and scaling down should not be a major challenge for them. IaaS perfectly offers this opportunity to businesses to increase or decrease the infrastructure as per their need without costing a fortune.

Support for DR, BC and high availability

The IaaS supports data recovery, backup and high availability of data and business applications, so the high risk factor of systems being down is very low. The IaaS helps to mirror the data at different locations for easy disaster recovery, keeping the time to recover at its lowest.

Focus on business growth

As organizations resources are free of maintaining and updating your infrastructure, your focus will be on your main business. Thus, increasing the productivity of the IT staff.

Thus, the question is no more to opt for IaaS or not! It is what lies next? What can help to improvise IaaS?

Answer is – The future of IaaS lies in cloud infrastructure! And one says cloud, yes, it also predicted by sources that 80% of businesses would prefer cloud their business. Hence, it would be more appropriate to say that Cloud Infrastructure as a Service is on the rise.

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