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What Is Network Assessment And Why Your Business Needs It.

What is Network Assessment and Why Your Business Needs It.

In modern IT enterprise environments where dozens of new users are added daily, numerous third-party software updates occur, the state of the network infrastructure is constantly changing. Over time these changes create dozens of possible security vulnerabilities and performance bottlenecks. 

Organizations aren’t keeping up with the needs of today ’s rapidly changing business climate when it comes to cybersecurity. One recent McKinsey poll indicated that just 10% of organizations in a variety of sectors are focused on reducing cyber risk. Most (approximately 70 percent) are more reactive, patching up security weaknesses as they appear, rather than preemptive.

What is network assessment?

A network assessment is a thorough examination of your current IT infrastructure that provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your current environment and suggests necessary improvements.

Your own IT admin staff may have their hands full already dealing with capacity planning and troubleshooting leaving them little time to perform a comprehensive network assessment.

When you hire an expert partner like Vertex to do a network assessment, you benefit from their perspective. They help improve capacity planning and performance by bringing a fresh outlook to the table. More often than not, what is missing is a network infrastructure strategy that is in line with an organization’s objectives. The lack of a clear-cut strategy can be rather detrimental to an organization.

Examine your IT infrastructure to see what’s going on.

You can learn which users, devices and applications are using the most bandwidth by doing an audit of your network’s speed, capacity, and coverage. In addition, if you’re having traffic problems, you may be able to identify and minimize dense areas of users. A network evaluation, on the other hand, will also reveal when your network is performing well.

Anything from a hardware or software problem to connection or security issues might be at blame. A thorough network evaluation is the best technique to find and fix bottlenecks in the system. To do this, network assessments look for things like conflicts in software, old servers, and sluggish devices.

Make a strategic plan for your IT systems and personnel

After gaining a better understanding of the current situation, your team may concentrate on opportunities for automation, and other cost reductions. You’ll know exactly how to go to a modern, virtualized, software-defined infrastructure. This allows your staff to focus on more strategic duties, freeing up their time. 

Increase security

Without complete visibility into your network, including an awareness of how people, processes, and other technology interact with it, it is impossible to protect against cyberattacks. A thorough network assessment reveals these behaviors and interactions, enabling a proactive and preventive security policy that protects against both global threats and end-user weaknesses.

Discover areas of improvement and cost savings

In a typical, legacy computer system, capacity is assigned based on anticipated peak resource requirements. As a result, expensive resources sit idle, yet capacity is inadequate at other times. With solutions like HPE GreenLake, your organization can opt for an as-a-service offering that furnishes cloud-like flexibility to an organizations IT infrastructure such as data centers, satellite and remote offices.


After doing a comprehensive audit of a big network, there will be a lot of data to keep track of. The finest network assessment services, for this reason, provide a comprehensive report detailing all results. Depending on your network’s specific features, this report may include a summary of client risk, a full asset assessment, and a crisis preparedness plan. For companies who are actively striving to enhance their networks, these materials will provide a road map.

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