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Vertex Virtually Simplifies Virtualization


Virtualization of servers has significantly revolutionized the consumption of computer resources in a data center. Using virtualization for server consolidation helps large organizations amalgamate several physical server workloads into a unified virtual hardware platform.

Server consolidation also implements a centralized system for virtualization management. We at Vertex bring extensive expertise in planning, executing, and optimizing the consolidation solution with virtualization.

Vertex provides solutions and services for network virtualization, storage virtualization, and server virtualization.


Virtualization Solutions & Services

Storage Virtualization
Network Virtualization
Server Virtualization

VMware Products

VMware vSphere

vSphere provides a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that accelerates your digital transformation to hybrid cloud and success in the digital economy. With vSphere, you can support new workloads and use cases while keeping pace with the growing needs and complexity of your infrastructure. vSphere helps you run, manage, connect and secure your applications in a common operating environment across the hybrid cloud.

Network Virtualization and Security Platform

VMware NSX Data Center is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delivering networking and security entirely in software, abstracted from the underlying physical infrastructure.
NSX Data Center enables the Virtual Cloud Network, providing pervasive, end-to-end connectivity for your apps and data, wherever they are.

VMware vSAN

VMware vSAN powers industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions with vSphere-native, flash-optimized storage for private and public cloud deployments. vSAN is a core building block for the Software-Defined Data Center.

vSAN empowers you to accelerate your business by providing:

• Native to your hypervisor and leading clouds
• Use existing tools for compute, storage, networking and more
• Protect and optimize current investments

• Certified solutions with your preferred vendor
• Day one support of latest technologies
• Unify resources under policy-based management

• Consistent operations from edge to core to cloud
• Intrinsic security for data-at-rest and in-flight
• Hundreds of public cloud providers

VMware Workspace ONE

Deliver and Manage Any App on Any Device with an Integrated Digital Workspace Platform
Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven platform powered by VMware AirWatch Technology that integrates access control, multi-platform endpoint management, and application management into a unified platform. It is available as an on-premise deployment or a cloud service.

What Workspace ONE Delivers:

With Workspace ONE, you can consolidate management silos across desktops, mobile devices, rugged devices, etc. It brings down costs while enhancing security with real-time management across all use cases.

With Workspace ONE, you can get integrated insights, powerful automation, and application analytics that not only enhance user experience but also help in optimizing resources. Moreover, it strengthens compliance and security across your organizational environment.

Boost productivity and delight employees with secure, password-free single sign-on (SSO) to Windows, native, cloud and web apps on any phone, tablet or laptop — all through a single app catalog.

Workspace ONE offers Zero Trust security across the span of your digital workspace. It protects, detects, and remediates any modern-day attacks or threats.

It helps in reducing IT time and costs significantly with modern PC lifecycle management front the cloud.

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