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VMware Cloud And Edge Infrastructure Innovations Enable Breakthrough Efficiency, Flexibility And Performance Gains

VMware Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Innovations Enable Breakthrough Efficiency, Flexibility and Performance Gains

In order to help enterprises better run, scale, and secure the widest spectrum of corporate workloads across private and public clouds at the edge, VMware revealed Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Solutions with ground-breaking technologies.

VMware research shows 580 million modern workloads are expected to run on diverse, distributed environments spanning public cloud, on-premise, edge, telco-clouds and hosted clouds by 2024.

Companies want to match their wide range of corporate application portfolios to the best environments based on technical, business, or strategic requirements and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Businesses are being forced by this to adopt several public clouds, all the while continuing to invest in their on-premises environments and roll out edge services.

According to Mark Lohmeyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Business Group, VMware, customers need cloud and edge infrastructure to scale their operations in diverse environments with consistency, availability, and security—regardless of where their workloads are running and at the lowest TCO possible. 

VMware’s multi-cloud and edge portfolio provides customers who are looking for flexibility and variety, a trusted base to run their workloads. Core Platform for Private and Public Clouds Has Undergone Significant Improvements Today, VMware unveiled VMware vSphere 8 and VMware vSAN 8, two significant updates to the company’s compute and storage products that will enable users to execute the widest range of workloads in their preferred settings.

Customers are given consistent infrastructure with value-added features as VMware Cloud develops further.

VMware vSphere 8: Opens up the future of modern infrastructure to all businesses by adding DPUs (Data Processing Units) into the mix alongside CPUs and GPUs. This ushers in a new era of heterogeneous computing. With the support of vSphere 8, clients will be able to boost workload performance while lowering TCO, speed up innovation for DevOps teams, increase operational effectiveness and IT productivity, and bring cloud advantages to their on-premises infrastructure.

vSphere on DPUs, will be unveiled in vSphere 8. By working closely with hardware innovators AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA as well as OEM system partners Dell Technologies, HPE, and Lenovo, vSphere on DPUs will help clients fulfil the performance and latency requirements of modern distributed workloads. By shifting and accelerating network and security infrastructure functions from CPUs to DPUs, vSphere enables this. Applications from customers, like in-memory databases, that require high network bandwidth and quick cache access, can expect: • Up to 20% CPU cores saved while achieving similar or better performance, leading to more workload consolidation and lower TCO by leveraging saved cores; utilizing available CPU cores and enhanced cache proximity to increase workload traffic while taking advantage of vSphere DRS and vMotion, one can achieve up to 36% greater transaction rate at 27% reduced latency.

Infrastructure security will be improved by running infrastructure services on DPUs and isolating them from the workload domain. The NSX Distributed Firewall, which is currently in beta, will also offload to DPUs to scale clients’ security operations by securing East-West traffic at line rate without the requirement for software agents.

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