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Virtualize Your Business With End-User Computing

Virtualize Your Business with End-User Computing

With remote work taking centre stage these past two years, many organizations opt for the optimum IT infrastructure to provide their employees with the finest of remote working capabilities to guarantee seamless workflow and, in turn, consistent productivity.

End-user computing – a phenomenon that has changed the course of IT infrastructure in the past decade – can be a valuable solution for organizations. 

What is End-User Computing and How is it Beneficial to Organizations?

End-user computing is a system that enables user access to data and enterprise applications irrespective of their geographical location or time. This is done by connecting an end-user’s device to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), usually located at the organization’s premises. 

What are the key benefits of End-User Computing?

1) Support for BYOD 

One benefit of EUC is it supports multiple user devices such as tablets, desktops and laptops, smartphones and thin clients. In addition, with remote work normalized and to enable free-flow work processes, employees want the liberty to use their own devices to work, which is possible with End-User Computing. This, in turn, reduces costs for employers.

2) Centralized Management

End-User Computing eases managing IT infrastructure through centralized management and, in turn, brings down the need for IT personnel. Through centralized management, workloads and time taken in updating multiple workstations are reduced each time there is a new update or a new software application. 

3) Better Security

End-User Computing has many applications that can enhance security. For instance, some technologies can enable users to access critical business data without storing it on their devices. In addition, organizations can authorize and control who accesses vital business data through authentication and other secure technologies. These applications protect your devices against security threats and malware. 

Another benefit is that critical data will not be compromised if a device is damaged or lost.

4) Increased Business Efficiency & Mobility Support

The need for mobility has increased due to the pandemic and employees around the globe going into remote work – which has made work location-agnostic. With End-user computing, employees can work from where they choose from, either with their own devices or organization provided ones through connecting to a virtual desktop. This reduces the pressure placed on your IT Team and your resources to support the entire team with the myriad of devices to make remote work smooth. 

Closing Statements

End-User Computing services provide a host of benefits and although it may require changes in the operational processes from design to deployment, it will be beneficial to your organization in the longer run. 

Vertex provides your organization with effective end-user computing solutions that ensure effective collaboration between employees securely while helping them scale, providing an overall positive remote work experience.

To know more about how your organization can thrive from end-user computing, schedule a call with one of our experts.

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