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Vertex Case Files – Solving Performance & Agility Challenges

Vertex Case Files – Solving Performance & Agility Challenges

As an organization and service provider, it is in our best interest to talk about our products and services while highlighting precisely the approach adopted by Team Vertex in helping clients surmount various technology challenges over the years.

Introducing the #TechThursdays series where we revisit some real-life case studies every Thursday.

About the client

A 15,000-member strong, leading global information services company providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world.

Challenges & Scope identification

  • Experiencing performance impact and agility challenges for their focused DB applications running on storage with EOL
  • The current IT infrastructure wasn’t adequately planned to account for the new applications and projects
  • All new project and application procurement were thus put on hold
  • Current storage capacity was rapidly reaching its peak
  • Requirement of 24/7 Availability with Zero Downtime
  • Additional robust Security and Performance requirements
  • Short turn-around time

Solution Provided by Vertex

Based on thorough understanding of the challenges and the scope, Team Vertex proposed a solution.

The VSP E990 would modernize its mid-tier storage for business-critical workloads while non-volatile memory express (NVMe) flash capabilities would take its storage modernization journey to the next level.

Our new VSP E990 NVMe brings world-class enterprise characteristics to the midrange – including market-leading low-latency and lowest cost/IOPs.

The high-performance NVMe flash storage of the VSPE990 is perfect for business-critical workloads in the high-end mid-range; and our 4:1 sight-unseen compression guarantee and legendary 100% data availability guarantee are highly valuable messages

Why Vertex was Chosen

Vertex was able to prove significant application performance for users over a sustained period of time and furnish recommendations from industry moguls who vouched for Vertex’s exemplary post-sales service and onsite support.

  • Proven

World class infrastructure (speed, capacity, low-latency, high availability) is now accessible to more customers. Vertex offers Trusted Capabilities that won’t break the bank.

  • Powerful

Accelerate their speed of execution and innovation with Advanced AI Ops, with “AI That Works Harder – So You Can Work Smarter”. In other instances customers may want a single box solution in which case the embedded management and automation features will be a great bonus.

  • Predictable

Transparent pricing and guaranteed outcomes. Offering Predictable Pricing for flexible usage helps customers align technology spending with usage & outcomes and utilize cloud-like consumption.

Are you facing or know someone who is facing a similar challenge? Get in touch with our IT experts for a free consultation.

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