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Transform Your Data-Centric Workloads And Workflows With HPE Ezmeral Software Platform

Transform Your Data-Centric Workloads and Workflows with HPE Ezmeral Software Platform


Organizations in every industry face data access and technology adoption challenges to achieve data-driven digital transformation. HPE offers a data-centric, container-oriented solution to address these challenges, providing speed, agility, and cost savings.

HPE believes that containers are the best way to deliver a common operating model to both cloud-native and non-cloud-native legacy applications. HPE Ezmeral is a transformation platform for all applications, especially Big Data and AI/ML workloads. HPE Ezmeral is optimized for these workloads— no matter where they reside (cloud, data center, edge). Customers get consistent service and capabilities that harness data to deliver insights and real business value.

What is HPE Ezmeral?

HPE Ezmeral is a software platform to modernize applications to gain agility; unify data across data centers, clouds, and edge; and bring agility to every stage of AI, ML, and data science projects. HPE Ezmeral helps enable customers to accelerate their data-driven digital transformation initiatives, speeding adoption of AI-/ML-based analytics and modernizing legacy applications while gaining efficiency and portability. It brings speed and agility to customer’s non-cloud-native architectures that require persistent storage and helps accelerate the workflows of analytics and AI/ML projects.

Key Benefits

  • Provides an enterprise-grade platform to deploy Kubernetes at scale for a wide range of use cases—from AI/ML to app modernization—on bare metal or VMs from the edge to the cloud
  • Provides a petabyte-scale data fabric for containerized stateful applications and AI/ML and analytics workloads that require durable, persistent data storage integrated into Kubernetes
  • Gets data scientists to work quickly with the resources that they need and helps teams gain business insights from data
  • Runs in any cloud, on any hardware, and includes 100% open source Kubernetes

Why HPE Ezmeral?

• HPE Ezmeral is built on modern architecture.

• To transform apps, HPE Ezmeral modernizes cloud-native and non-cloud-native apps, providing persistent data storage for stateful containerized apps. It enables them to run in VMs or on bare metal—in the cloud, in the data center, or at the edge.

• To transform operations, HPE Ezmeral brings speed and agility to machine learning workflows, operationalizing AI projects from pilot to production.

• To transform data, HPE Ezmeral speeds time to insights, allowing teams to shape raw data to unlock its value.

• Can be delivered as a cloud service with HPE GreenLake for cloud economics, container management, and scalability, on-premises.

Let us look at some use cases

1. Data Platform Modernization

Use case: An organization has to modernize their Hadoop environment to apply technology innovations in data management, data analytics, and data science.

HPE approach: Modernize legacy Hadoop platforms and unlock data value, from edge to cloud.

Solution: HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.

2. Kubernetes Accelerator

Use case: An organization has attempted to deploy Kubernetes (K8s) themselves primarily for application modernization, either open source or an engineered K8s distribution, and is struggling to implement and manage the environments.

HPE approach: Simplify the deployment of K8s at enterprise scale, including app modernization for legacy non-cloud-native apps (for example, complex stateful workloads).

Solution: HPE Ezmeral Container Platform.

3. Infrastructure optimization

Use case: An organization struggles to get the full value from their performance CPU/GPU investments due to legacy and monolithic deployments of data science and AI/ML/DL applications.

HPE approach: Optimize cost and availability for Data Science and AI/ML/DL applications by shifting to virtualized workloads and GPU allocation.

Solution: HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, HPE Ezmeral ML Ops.

What are the service offerings available for HPE Ezmeral?

HPE Pointnext Services

The portfolio of HPE Pointnext Services includes advisory, professional services, support, and education for HPE Ezmeral, helping organizations with their secure cloud, AI/data, and container-based digital transformations. Working with the HPE experts like Vertex, organizations can modernize applications, mitigate container deployment and security risks, and deploy AI use cases and AIOps quickly while simplifying the customer’s operations with flexible support.

HPE GreenLake

HPE Ezmeral powers HPE GreenLake services, including machine learning (ML) operations and containerization, to help customers accelerate data-driven digital transformation and app modernization. Cloud services for containers and machine learning operations delivered through HPE GreenLake bring speed and simplicity to containerized application development and DevOps agility to the ML lifecycle.

Get in touch with our HPE experts to learn more about how HPE Ezmeral can transform your business.

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