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The Untold Benefits Of Delegation

The Untold Benefits of Delegation

Numerous surveys across multiple organizations have shown that managers, and in some cases leaders, encounter at least 2 out of the 5 below-mentioned scenarios.

1) Feel they are working unhealthy long hours despite having a team to share the load

2) Feel their team is not working as hard as they should

3) Feel their team has much less work than they ideally should

4) Feel their seniors/partners/advisors are not giving them the much-needed clarity

5) Feel their team is not qualified or capable enough in handling some of their tasks

All the above point to the lack of one simple but highly effective exercise every manager or leader must cultivate soon after they commence building a team – delegation. This basically refers to the allocation of the right tasks to the right people and it is a prerequisite for leaders and managers as it is imperative to employee and organizational growth.

Effective delegation is more than figuring out the best way to assign tasks to your team and get them done; it also comprises creating an environment where employees can take responsibility for and feel satisfied with their work.

However, an underlying concern that exists is that some leaders are still reluctant to consider delegation of tasks due to the following reasons:

  • Recent promotion to a leadership role.
  • High-performing individuals that believe delegating the work to someone else means that they are avoiding responsibilities.
  • Distrust of team members to get the task done.

This may come at the cost of stress and burnout as a result of operating beyond one’s bandwidth, leading to demotivation or, even worse, giving up the job.

Instead, the delegation of tasks should be seen as empowering employees, leading to their growth in the organization and their willingness to learn and produce quality work. Employees also flourish in an environment where they are provided with the freedom to grow.

At Vertex,  we are of the belief that effective delegation is a key factor to organizational success. Here are some ways that Team Vertex implements effective delegation:

  • Spending time to know our employees well from the start and identifying their core strengths and weaknesses while encouraging their perspectives in the workplace. This aids in understanding what tasks they are capable of fulfilling and with how much efficacy.
  • Instilling confidence and boosting employees’ morale when delegating tasks. This establishes confidence in the employees making them feel like an integral part of the organization who is valued and trusted to successfully achieve their goals by their managers.
  • Establishing a plan to tackle difficult tasks, providing direction, and ensuring follow-ups to monitor the progress.
  • Providing equal opportunities and support for employees to take on higher-level tasks to ensure consistent growth throughout their tenure with the organization.
  • Providing tasks that enable employees to play to their strengths as well as those that allow them to grow in their weak areas.

In conclusion, through effective delegation, you can improve productivity by many orders of magnitude, ensure increased task commitment and employee satisfaction, and further solidify trust and culture within the team and in turn the organization.

So, don’t hesitate to share the load, believe in someone else’s capabilities and work together as a true team.

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