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Technology Helps Realize A Quantum Jump In Healthcare

Technology Helps Realize a Quantum Jump in Healthcare

About the client
The largest multi-specialty hospital in Kerala. This center of healthcare excellence features many specialist departments including neurosurgery, trauma and oncology.

Challenges & Scope identification
Over multiple conversations with the client, Vertex developed a scope of work that would plug multiple gaps that existed in the system and elevate their IT infrastructure. The below-mentioned is a high-level look at the otherwise exhaustive requirement.

  • Simplify the overall network architecture
  • Provide high-performance Wi-Fi coverage throughout the hospital
  • Centralize network monitoring and management
  • Provide a robust digital platform for new patients and staff experiences
  • Be able to rapidly introduce new digital processes

Solution Provided by Vertex – Creating an Open, yet Secure Network Environment

As the initial priority, Aruba has delivered a highly scalable multi-gig Wi-Fi 6 environment with a consolidated management platform. The transformation journey will see the hospital upgrading the data centre and the entire campus network in order to implement end-to-end micro segmentation. With the hospital needing to operate throughout the upgrade, the roll-out will be phased.

The Aruba platform, overseen by AirWave Network Management, comprises AP-515 Unified Access Points throughout the hospital, managed via Aruba 7220 Controllers and Mobility Conductor. These enable the IT team to implement upgrades in an automated and remote manner, without any interruption to services. It also enables the simple addition of new access points as well as zero-touch provisioning of configurations to them.

This also lays the foundations for a modernized Network Access Control and role-based segmentation of the network which will allow all users and devices to be automatically discovered, authorized, onboarded and assigned to relevant VLANs. Anything or anyone unauthorized or unexpected is excluded from the network and quarantined, providing the hospital with an intelligent and automated NAC orchestration.

Following were the recommended solutions along with a detailed implementation plan:

  • Wi-Fi 6-Unified Access Points
  • Mobility Controllers
  • Aruba Campus Access Switches
  • AirWave Network Management

The Result

  • Post implementation, the hospital realized the ability to set up connectivity within a matter of days, accelerating telemedicine and opening up new areas of the site.
  • The final infrastructure that was implemented was established resilient, future-ready with the intelligence, scalability and intuitive toolsets to meet emerging needs.
  • Empowers the IT organization to underpin medical innovation and integration of new technologies.

About us

Vertex Techno Solutions (B) Pvt Ltd is a multi-award winning pioneer in the technology infrastructure solutions and services domain with its roots running deep into the IT industry for nearly 30 years.

Vertex offers top-notch enterprise and end-consumer IT Infrastructure & Computing Solutions & Services at competitive prices.

We have helped improve, transform and grow companies across multiple verticals with its industry & technology expertise and unparalleled support services.

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