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Task Prioritization In The Workplace: The Key To Better Time Management

Task prioritization in the workplace: the key to better time management

Surveys have shown that two key challenges most professionals face in the workplace are task prioritization and time management. If not managed appropriately, it is known to be the main causes for decreased productivity, increased stress levels, and decreased pace in managing ongoing tasks.

Placing one’s focus on tasks requiring immediate attention or importance enables a person to take control of the time they have and ensure deadlines are met.

Prioritizing tasks may seem challenging at first as a level of clearheadedness and analytical skills are required to align one’s focus to the organization’s expectations. Over time, it gets easier, becomes routine and has a tremendous impact on ensuring a streamlined work process.

Effective prioritization helps in churning out high-quality work and avoiding procrastination. This has a distilled effect as well, improving quality of life overall – leading to a better work-life balance. 

Below are some ways one can efficiently prioritize tasks:

  • Identify all tasks, including sources who allotted them to you, followed by the deadlines. 
  • Post identification of tasks, categorize them into four buckets a.k.a the Prioritization Matrix or the Eisenhower matrix, Do, Schedule, Delegate, and Delete

The primary focus should be on doing the tasks that require your immediate attention or have to be addressed that very day; scheduling important tasks that can be done at another time is the next step. Tasks that are urgent but are less important, which can be handled by others can be delegated, and finally, this is the best time to make a note of unnecessary tasks and delete them.

However, one thing to note when delegating tasks to someone is following up on the progress and ensuring that tasks are completed as discussed.

  • Setting short but achievable goals for the day – picking three important tasks and challenging oneself to get them done. This will ensure undivided focus on those tasks and, in turn, provide one with a sense of achievement post-completion and motivate one to work harder.
  • Tackling the most challenging task first also ensures the prioritization of other tasks. 
  • Moving away from daily and weekly prioritization and looking at the bigger picture, especially in the case of large projects, helps one set time to do parts of the particular project. 

Some factors to account for during prioritization are distractions and unforeseen tasks that may need immediate attention, which can sometimes break the flow. However, being flexible during the process can help.

What are some of the methods you use to prioritize your work in the workplace?

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