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Preventing Workplace Conflict With An Effective Conflict Resolution Process

Preventing workplace conflict with an effective Conflict Resolution Process

Conflict, be it on a personal or a professional level, is inevitable in the workplace and could be disadvantageous to the organization as a whole if not dealt with effectively. 

In the workplace, conflict can arise because of differences of opinion, other internal factors, or external stressors. Therefore, managing and successfully tackling such conflict is integral to a healthy and positive work environment. 

Hence organizations must implement an effective conflict resolution process that does not involve suppressing the conflict but rather addressing the issue by identifying the root cause and strategically finding a beneficial solution to all the parties involved, and this usually includes three steps:

First is the identification of the issue. Some conflicts may be obscure and can only be noticed by experienced HR professionals, while others occur due to apparent disagreements or other reasons. Identifying the issue and understanding the perspective of both sides are essential in this case.

Once the conflict is identified, HR steps in to help resolve the issue and get the parties to make an amicable decision by ensuring that both sides of the party have the space and opportunity to air their concerns and points of distress freely in a calm, composed manner. 

Providing a space for open communication sends a message to the employees that they are heard and are more likely to feel empowered when dealing with the current conflict.

Following this, it is advisable to determine the main issues causing the conflict and establish a few guidelines to recognize and prevent future conflicts. 

A transparent and strategic conflict resolution approach helps in keeping workplace conflict at bay, inherently benefitting your organization through increased trust, effective work relations, enhanced communication, and employee retention, among many more. 

What are some of the ways that your organization strategically deals with conflict?

Share your thoughts below.

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