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Power Your Data Strategy With HPE

Power Your Data Strategy with HPE

HPE is continually transforming the way businesses manage data with innovative solutions that is breaking the barrier between people, processes and technology.

Below is a lowdown of the innovative solutions HPE provides and why your business should adopt it.

Key things businesses should consider for their data

  • HPE has introduced a new storage concept called ‘Unified DataOps,’ which is transforming the Storage and Data Management space by accelerating data-driven transformation, reducing silos and complexity in data and infrastructure management from the edge to the cloud.
  • Data Services Cloud Console is disrupting the construct for HPE storage; a SaaS offering that delivers unified data operations to align with customer needs.
  • The key components of IDP from HPE are HPE Alletra, HPE InfoSight and Data Services Cloud Console.
  • What sets HPE Alletra apart is its ability to accelerate innovation with cloud experience, and to run any application seamlessly.

HPE Alletra embodies a radical shift in data infrastructure from the edge to the cloud. It is a cloud-native data architecture motivated by Data Services Cloud Console that drives data from the edge to the cloud by giving the cloud operating and consumption experience irrespective of where the data lives. HPE Alletra stretches workload-optimized systems to give architectural freedom without the complication of traditional storage management. It is designed for any application, from traditional to new, enabling IT to evolve from owning and supporting data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it as a service on demand. It also frees data across hybrid clouds on a single and fully integrated platform.

HPE InfoSight is the industry’s most sophisticated artificial intelligence for infrastructure (HPE Storage Substantiation), transforming infrastructure management and support. A hybrid cloud optimization tool providing real-time context and visibility to apps and infrastructure.

Data Services Cloud Console – With Unified Data Operations as a Service, Data Services Cloud Console enables enterprises to transform faster. It offers the cloud experience to wherever the data sits, integrates data management throughout the data lifecycle, and accelerates innovation for data-driven apps and insights through a range of cloud services.

Data Services Cloud Console is a proprietary cloud-native architecture that abstracts and orchestrates infrastructure and data activities, converting complicated data operations into a streamlined experience across clouds.

Common Roadblocks That Have Adverse Effects on Your Business

Cumulative Waste of Time 

  • Dealing with poor support experiences is akin to throwing away precious time.
  • Lack of automation slows down and could eventually bring business to a grinding halt.
  • Slow data access and availability frustrate stakeholders more than one can imagine.
  • Extensive fine-tuning and manual processing involved.
  • Challenge to access and move data across clouds.

Investment Down the Drain

  • Skyrocketing costs owing to irrelevant and incomprehensible data infrastructure complexity
  • Lack of visibility caused by numerous tools, some redundant to your business.
  • Efficient movement of data proves to be challenging at scale.
  • Creates pressure to utilize limited resources and skills.

Risk & Concerns That Could be Avoided

  • A major concern is lack of data visibility across silos.
  • Perpetual need to protect data everywhere.
  • The daunting thought of sudden cybersecurity threats and business disruptions as data isn’t efficiently protected, always-on, available and always-fast.
  • Guess working with workload placement
  • Limited data access and speed lock-in, and egress costs when storing data off-premises

Eliminating the Silos and Complexity Across the Organization

Grants your company a competitive advantage by allowing you to extract more value from data while catalyzing the decision-making process.

From an IT management standpoint, they enable operational agility at scale, minimize the firefighting process, and maximize resource efficiency.

For the Data Innovator, it provides faster access to data, self-service capabilities, and dramatically reduces time to market.

And for the Data Manager, it allows for operational simplicity, protects and defends critical assets and drastically reduces data risks.

Where You Can Find HPE Primera & HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Alletra symbolizes a unified portfolio of data infrastructure with a consistent operational, support, and consumption experience—and that system unity, today and in the future, is best represented by a single brand. In the near future, HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage will be marketed together as HPE Alletra.

Ready to transform your business? Get in touch with our experts to learn more about the benefits of these HPE Solutions.

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