Managing the Hybrid Work Environment with Aruba

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company Aruba knows the problems that hybrid work brings. Being pioneers in wireless technology they were early adopters of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend. Being a leader in wireless technology has been instrumental in creating platforms that can deliver consistent experiences users have grown to expect and demand in their work life as the nature of work has changed.

The world has evolved significantly ever since we first heard the word COVID-19. Working remotely is no longer an exception or benefit (like work-from-home Fridays). Corporate leaders have had to negotiate and make difficult decisions about which employees must permanently remain on the corporate campus, which employees can have flexible work environments, and which employees can choose to work entirely remotely. Hybrid environments are now the norm. Operations must think about perimeter security in addition to company culture and human resources issues.

What was formerly known as the perimeter is now known as the edge, which is where users live, work, and occasionally even play. Again, the pandemic has fundamentally changed how we perceive the edge; now, it encompasses all places where people work, including coffee shops, home offices, and even their kid’s football practice. The perimeter also goes much beyond corporate office buildings and off-site data centres. These endpoint devices are connecting to the corporate network using consumer or prosumer equipment that they also bring onto the campus using open public Wi-Fi or cellular hotspots. How can we keep those edges safe while yet giving them top-notch experience?

Aruba EdgeConnect: The Integrated Approach

Through EdgeConnect, Aruba’s software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) connection solution can manage the aforementioned scenarios. No matter where users choose to work, this collection of technologies comprises a variety of platforms that can offer the consistency needed to maintain user productivity and the health of their devices.

Aruba’s EdgeConnect Enterprise ensures that each remote office has the same performance and reliability as if they were on site. Bigger enterprises get the opportunity to connect their devices to the primary enterprise sites via full-featured SD-WAN equipment.

With EdgeConnect Microbranch, Aruba has also thought of people who work from home permanently or from far-off satellite offices. Users have the option to deploy an Aruba Remote Access Point (RAP) or Instant Access Point (IAP) at a remote location using Microbranch, and through Aruba SD-Branch users get a consistent experience that is secure and safe.  Through ClearPass for identity and role-based policy enforcement, IT can set up all users for maximum productivity, just as they would do on campus, while also ensuring that these remote entities don’t adversely affect the security posture of the entire business. With only a single hardware access point that fits conveniently on top of a regular work desk, the effort and hardware investment are minimum while still providing a better and safer experience for all.

EdgeConnect Mobile: For Those Always on the Move

Aruba, EdgeConnect Mobile, formerly known as the VIA client has remote users covered, if they choose to take their work elsewhere, such as the airport while they await a flight to visit their corporate office. To ensure that the company policies reach the user and all their devices regardless of the location, the software solution is capable of being installed on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Operations teams can manage it all from a single location due to its connection with the rest of the EdgeConnect product range.

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