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IT Infrastructure Trends – Part 1 : Clean, Green Data

IT Infrastructure Trends – Part 1 : Clean, Green Data

Faster and Efficient Data Center Capacities

The new requirements for deploying data center capacities are the increased size, speed, and efficiency – and the industry is meeting these needs with strong financial backing and reservoirs of innovation.

There has been an influx of global platforms, strongly funded by large investors and backed by operators with profound expertise in #realestate and #supplychains. On the other hand, almost every aspect of data center operations is being optimized by the innovations of hyper-scale customers – resulting in an industry that can deploy new data centers in new places. This inherently extends the digital transformation according to wherever the business requires it be.

This highlights that the solutions to the world’s bigger challenges are digital – and require IT capacity.

Energy storage – leading to more renewables

Utility-scale energy storage has been the missing link in the data center industry’s efforts to power the cloud with renewable energy for a long time.

Large users like data centers enable energy storage to overcome the irregular generational patterns of the leading renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.

Google and Switch announced projects that would enable their data centers to be supported with large lithium-ion batteries in 2020. Google will replace diesel generators with large batteries at one of its data centers in Belgium. At the same time, Switch will use Tesla Megapacks to support solar power for its large data centers.

This trend is enabled by two factors: the maturity of large-battery technology and the decline of the price of lithium-ion batteries by 80 percent over the past five years.

Sustainable Finance Uplifts Green Data Centers

Customers of data centers are not the only stakeholders that place their focus on sustainability. To line up their portfolios with climate resilience, investors will also be part of the green energy revolution. This is generating a growth opportunity in sustainable finance that prioritizes ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria when selecting lending and funding targets.

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