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IT Infrastructure Trends in 2020!

IT infrastructure and operations is no longer just about servers, data centers, hardware and software. It is lot more about comprehensive and encompassing system that is aligned with the business strategy and goals. An IT infrastructure that is scalable, up or down, is as important for flexible business environment today. Thus, gearing up for the future has become the necessity of every business.

Here we bring you the trends that will dominate in 2020!

#End of Data Centre era

According to the recent Gartner report, by 2025, 80% of the enterprises would have been moved to cloud infrastructure. Currently, only 10% of them are on cloud. Thus, the growth is tremendous in cloud! It doesn’t mean that everything would be on cloud. Mission-critical processes still would be on premises for better control of data and applications.

#Edge computing

Increasing the response time when working onsite or real-time applications will be on priority of the business providers. Edge computing technology enables to process data near the source or in the device itself, like in self driving car. This technology proves efficient in IoT and mobile computing, especially when you don’t want to place your data on public cloud.

#Network agility

The hardware controlled by software, Hyperconvergence, will see the boom in industry. Not only this network architecture gives the agility but also offers flexibility to control it from remote locations through applications. Even, deploying policies becomes easier with software-controlled hardware.

#New roles within I&O

As cloud takes the over, I&O roles shift more to supporting cloud environment. The skills, such as aggregation, customization, integration and governance, will be in more demand in forthcoming years.

#Global infrastructure enablement

Building an ecosystem that adds value and supports your goals is important. With going digital comes with certain challenges, especially one of them is availability of infrastructure and operations. Thus, it is important that you search strategic partners for scaling your infrastructure over the globe.

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