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Responses from 900 IT decision makers across the globe

believe their organization needs to increase IT innovation spending.


acknowledges link between spending on IT innovation and competitive position


indicated biggest blocker to achieving innovation is the over-spending on ‘keeping the lights on’


are worried how their organization will find budget for IT innovation

IT Financing and Investment solutions

HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) can help customer accelerate innovation by providing a bridge between technology and finance agendas to achieve business goals.

HPEFS has a flexible portfolio of services and solutions to help customer build IT investment and lifecycle management strategies that enable digital transformation and help deliver in an age of disruption

Management of Assets

Extract additional business value from existing IT investments and transition to new more effectively.

Customers Benefit by:
  • Overcoming budget constraints
  • Retaining cash to reinvest in business objectives
  • Allowing for technology refresh to stay current with the latest technologies
  • Aligning cash flow to IT
Performance & Agility Challenges
Why Verticalizing Your MSP is Beneficial for Cybersecurity
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