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HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake is a software-as-a-service that allows users to pay for only those IT resources they consume. It brings about cloud-like flexibility to data centers, satellite offices, remote offices and other locations.

Once opted for, HPE delivers a preconfigured system that comes with all the hardware and software required to set it up.

HPE GreenLake comes with multiple infrastructure packages to help with varied workloads. The core of each package is the HPE hardware that bolsters each implementation.

Industry pioneers, such as Microsoft and Intel, have built their respective roadmaps using HPE GreenLake.

Comprehensive Solution Features

Purpose-built reference architectures

Deliver results quickly with architectures incorporating the latest hardware and software technologies, built to your specific needs.

Remote monitoring & management

HPE GreenLake makes it possible to make your IT operations more flexible while retaining control. Hand over routine data center work to GreenLake to ensure round-the-clock remote monitoring and management.

Enterprise-grade support

Continuous operational support with e-learnings
of your choice, designed exclusively for the
way your business operates.


Deliver quick results using systems that employ the latest hardware and software technologies tailor-made to your needs.


HPE GreenLake only requires you to pay for the IT services you actually use. You can benefit from GreenLake’s Flex Capacity for planning and management of the ongoing capacity so your
solution is capable of evolving with your needs.

Enterprise software

You can deliver outcomes through ready-to-use softwares from our partners.


A consumption-based model offers a lot of flexibility that helps you avoid overprovisioning by growing organically as and when your requirements change.

A pay-as-you-go solution where you only pay for the services you use and that too as you go, resulting in a simple and outcome-centric model.

Complete Control the service is operated for you; however, you remain in control. There are no staff transfers or disruptions

The Straightforward Approach ensures there is no burden on the IT operations.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with HPE GreenLake and save energy across all your data centers.

Simplify Your Hybrid Cloud by using a secure cloud-native platform for on-premises cloud services by HPE GreenLake.

A solution that delivers the advantages of public cloud services— simplicity scalability, pay per use—but with the security and control of on-premises IT. It also delivers more robust services that are specific to your needs.

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