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How Vertex’s Converged Infrastructure Services Fuel Data Centre Transformation

How Vertex’s Converged Infrastructure Services Fuel Data Centre Transformation

Growing enterprises are often challenged by the limitations of legacy servers, storage arrays, network switches, and virtualization. In addition, outdated and sluggish network infrastructure components make purchasing and deployment more complex and unpredictable.

Data remains at the heart of defining business growth and customer experiences. Against this backdrop, the relevance of Infrastructure Convergence is evident where compute, storage, and network components are integrated with software-defined dashboards and management tools. This packaging makes data centers free of silos and innovation blockers.

Vertex’s converged infrastructure enables data center workflow orchestration by integrating configuration software, and hardware. With our diverse CI offerings, you can effortlessly provision resources within a unified system in less time.

As one of Bangalore’s leading managed services companies, we reduce the hardware sizing, deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting efforts of data-centric enterprises through our Converged Infrastructure services.

Our constant effort is to deliver speed, agility, and scalability for modern data centers operations.

Vertex’s Data Center Solutions for CI integrate servers, storage, networking endpoints and channels, management software, security and facilities software, and services suite into a cohesive operational unit.

Vertex Techno Solutions Converged Infrastructure

We enable Converged infrastructure transformation to help partners achieve speed-to-deployment and almost plug and play functionality for mission-critical data, networking, and storage management.

Why Choose Vertex for CI Services

  • Our CI services help break system silos and simplify data center management to eliminate hardware and intercommunication discord.
  • Our dedicated team helps configure servers, storage networks, arrays, and other components together.
  • A single point of contact manages data center activities across all enterprise networks.
  • We combine storage and computing to lower deployment costs, simplify management and optimize maintenance and support costs.
  • We address compatibility and integration challenges by combining pre-integrated hardware components and software for orchestration and provisioning.
  • We ensure the hardware can adapt to changing workloads, frictionless and reliable once deployed.
  • Through network and data center monitoring we ensure businesses don’t overuse or underuse their resources.
  • We perform rapid application deployment and assist in the centralized management of virtual environments.
  • Customers don’t have to bear a heavy licensing fee upfront with Vertex’s CI subscription model.
  • CI services minimize labor-intensive activities and maximize throughput.
  • We include built-in data protection and disaster recovery on demand.
  • We deploy apps and VMs to the existing infrastructure to improve mobility.
  • Vertex delivers superior performance and resilience through distributed operating functions.
  • Vertex offers unprecedented flexibility when choosing built-in virtualization, deploying from multiple server vendors, or operating on pre-integrated OEM components.
  • Our services streamline acquisition, deployment, management, and support.
  • Offer a unique plug-and-play solution that combines standalone components decoupled and used independently or clubbed when required.
  • Datacenter components that need troubleshooting can be isolated without impacting the connected components. 

Small to medium enterprises are leveraging the power of Vertex’s pre-configured architecture for data center scalability to evolve with the ever-changing technology landscape and stay relevant. 

Business owners should choose the solution that meets their infrastructure needs today while positioning them for competitive advantage tomorrow.

Enterprise computing needs a new approach, and Vertex delivers it.

Contact us to explore how a Converged Infrastructure can transform your data center operations.

About us

Vertex Techno Solutions (B) Pvt Ltd is a multi-award winning pioneer in the technology infrastructure solutions and services domain with its roots running deep into the IT industry for nearly 30 years.

Vertex offers top-notch enterprise and end-consumer IT Infrastructure & Computing Solutions & Services at competitive prices.

We have helped improve, transform and grow companies across multiple verticals with its industry & technology expertise and unparalleled support services.


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