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How It Is Working At Vertex – Our Employees Speak

How it is working at Vertex – Our Employees Speak

“An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.” –Stephen Covey

An empowered organization is powered by employees who take the initiative and work with fellow team members to assume responsibility for work and projects. These individuals are usually aligned with the organization’s mission, goals and values, and collectively work towards the growth of an organization.

This is also facilitated by employers that ensure that employees have a certain level of authority and autonomy in their daily tasks and provide them the opportunities to take on newer roles and a chance to lead others.

An organization that empowers employees benefits through increased productivity, improved job satisfaction, and loyalty, in turn leading to organizational and employee success.

A great way to gauge an organization’s culture and success is by understanding what made employees stick with the firm for over 5 or 10 years.
Let us look at what some of our team members have to say.

“Having started my career as a Service Engineer in 1997, I later scaled up to head the entire service team as the ‘Associate Vice President Services’ till 2010. During this period, I explored new avenues for Services Business and started with AMCs and FMS activities which were later established as an independent business unit. Having won several awards during this period, such as the ‘Best Manager for Services’ and ‘The Wall’, I was instrumental in leading inroads to many new customer acquisitions with our excellence in support and achieved significant milestones.

With the aim to take Vertex to greater heights, I explored an opportunity within to develop my skills and capitalize on customer relationships and took a step forward to join the sales team under the leadership of [our Managing Director], Mr. Bijoy.

It was indeed a challenging job all over. However, I received all the support from the management and leadership team to achieve my objectives. The learning curve was motivating, and I could create a space in my sales career.

 With ten years down the line, I wish to create a record-breaking performance to take Vertex to the next level and have a great team. Our brand needs to be well established in the industry, and we should grow as market leaders setting examples to many of our peers in the country.”

– Prathish Raj, Vice President, End-point Devices

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