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How Automation Revolutionizes Modern Networks

How Automation Revolutionizes Modern Networks

IT enterprises often face the pressure of keeping up with the ever-evolving consumer demands and ensuring fast application rollout across a secure and agile end-user network. This has led to new modes of delivering user networking at scale and speed.

Process automation plays a pivotal role in optimizing modern network environments for performance, device discovery, configuration, and security. Network virtualization and intelligence help integrate analytics-driven functionalities to simplify self-service business operations.

This blog highlights the importance of network management automation and the key steps to implement it.

Applying Automation for Network Management

Today, automation is being leveraged in systems scanning, device discovery, and network configuration as follows:

  • Network device discovery is crucial to identify genuine and authorized devices. Automating subnet discovery and network switching using open-source tools like Nmap simplifies and expedites the process with advanced security deployment at crucial checkpoints. Once an authorized device is discovered, the automation software downloads its configurations and performs a configuration rule check.
  • Network-device back-up and Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) can be executed using automated mechanisms to monitor and detect configuration changes or configuration drifts.
  • A forgotten and insecure router could be the entry point to your network’s exploitation. Automation guarantees the consistency of your network policies across the entire network by generating golden configurations that don’t need manual intervention. In addition, an automation system helps deploy and update the configurations that align with your policies. 

Getting Started with Network Automation

Standardized network planning and design using building blocks is the first step in network automation. In addition, standard Operating Procedures for troubleshooting and remediation help understand and mitigate errors.

Vertex offers network automation for initial configuration and updates, connectivity validation, and troubleshooting. Here are the essential processes we implement.

What our Experts Recommend

Key Considerations

  • Automate regular diagnostic tasks and audits that consume more time.
  • Develop scripts to perform fundamental network analysis and troubleshooting like locating a spanning tree domain’s root bridge.
  • Automatically run tests using server and client testing VMs.
  • Perform automatic network validation for intent-based networking to validate changes, reduce risks, and improve network functionality.
  • Automate the network state analysis for device interfaces, neighboring devices, address assignment, and Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols.

Network Virtualization to Accelerate Network Automation

A significant part of network automation is Network Virtualization which leverages software platforms to execute network functionalities.

Virtualization using VMWare helps integrate your existing environment with virtual machines using bridged or NAT-based networking.

Advantages of Virtualization for Network Automation 

  • Infrastructure sharing, utilization, and centralized control.
  • Easy network resources management, scalability, and extensibility using automation software.
  • Automation of network service capabilities, orchestration, provisioning, and node grouping.
  • Automatic redirection of packets using redundant links.
  • Automatic disaster recovery and recreation of the virtual network on the physical infrastructure.
  • Automatic data traffic isolation and user segmentation.
  • Improved product lifecycle management.
  • Reduced recovery point and recovery time objectives.
  • Reduced footprint, power, and cooling costs.
  • Improved operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Vertex offers extensive expertise in planning, deploying, and optimizing networking solutions using a centralized VMWare virtualization-management system.

Contact us to learn how we combine Network Virtualization with automation to empower businesses.

Concluding Thoughts

Automation through Network virtualization helps manage networking ecosystems efficiently. Network virtualization enables the splitting of hardware resources and efficient control by software.

Network automation with virtualization reduces costs and improves speed for SDN and NFV technologies. Security-wise, it helps abstract sensitive network configuration information from the physical infrastructure. The automation of network compute resources and hardware orchestration is crucial to delivering futuristic network services.

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