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Enriching Employee Experience Through Clarity

Enriching Employee Experience Through Clarity

As leaders or someone managing a team, it is paramount to establish specific roles and responsibilities for each team member involved, regardless of any project or goal. Failure to do so results in a lack of clarity, further leading to decreased productivity, time wasted in unnecessary activities, and higher chances of conflict and frustrations.

Role clarity in the workplace essentially refers to the complete understanding of what an organization expects – regarding tasks, goals, KPIs, and processes – from their employees’ roles, either on a team or individually. 

Defining clear roles and responsibilities within a team is vital to foster transparency and ensure the right people do the right tasks. Here, a team leader takes responsibility for understanding the capabilities of team members and how best their skills can be used to meet the current organizational need to achieve the goals at hand.

When team members have utmost clarity on what they are supposed to do, they are more accountable, and fewer resources are wasted in resolving unnecessary issues. Employees are also encouraged to have an open dialogue to review and address expectations at regular intervals in their career with their managers and make changes and adjustments if necessary.

‘As a Sales Coordinator, I establish a work partnership with the respective sales manager of the sales team to ensure accurate orders, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, and ultimately be a strong contributor to the achievement of company sales volume goals. I am also responsible for preparing and maintaining a Customer Database and all sales-related documents. 

At Vertex, proper communication is ensured between our leaders and managers and hte employees. Through this, role clarity is established and tasks are effectively delegated between our team members, leading to a more flexible and engaging work environment. We are also encouraged to introspect and revisit our priorities to define our expectations and execute them, leading to a good work-life balance.’

– Mary Mathew, Sales Coordinator, Kochi Branch

Role clarity and effective role delegation are essential to organizational growth and better employee experience.

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