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Encouraging The Thought – Work Is A Subset Of Life

Encouraging the Thought – Work is a Subset of Life

We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in.
– Ariana Huffington

Numerous studies and surveys conducted over the last decade have proven that extensive work hours demanded by organizations have resulted in physical and mental health concerns in employees.

Freeing oneself from unhealthy work patterns to achieve a sustainable and rewarding balance in life is paramount.

“While hiring, three key attributes we look for in candidates are, how passionate they are about learning and the role, what value they think they can bring to the table, and how organized and detail oriented they are.”

Bijoy Nair, Managing Director

Bijoy goes on to explain that these may sound like generic asks, but have deeper implications when it comes to helping the candidate maintain a healthy work-life balance once they start their professional journey with any organization.

Firstly, if an employee is passionate about their role, they cease to see it as just a job and the passion will motivate them to excel in the role while learning new skills that will empower them to further progress in their career.

Secondly, by being clear about the value they can bring to the table, the management can work with them to set clear cut objectives and the necessary strategies to be adopted to achieve these goals.

Finally, by being organized and detail oriented, they can make certain their responsibilities are carried out in the best possible manner without wasting time and resources.

All the above-mentioned have a great impact on the employee’s mental and physical health.

“Since inception, Vertex has been a staunch believer of being an organization that gives importance to the team’s mental and physical health. We consistently revisit the importance of being vocal about one’s mental health at work and encourage our team to reach out in case of any concerns.”

– Anil Kesavan, Chairman

Some of the workstyle habits Vertex tries to inculcate within the organization to ensure a healthy work-life balance for all their employees are:

  • Introspection at regular intervals

Asking either themselves or with the help of someone in their team key questions such as, what are their key areas of dissatisfaction, how is it affecting their personal life, whether they have clarity of their responsibilities, whether they are aware of the expectations, whether they are prioritizing correctly. All these questions can give the much needed clarity on the problem areas.

  • Being mindful of one’s emotions

Emotional Reflexivity – the ability to identify how a situation makes you feel is just as vital as a cognitive knowledge of the decisions and goals that drive your life.

Being able to read one’s own emotions and behaviour can be a key indicator in understanding emotional triggers so as to be able to make the necessary changes to their lives.

  • Revisit priorities

Once the employee has identified the problem areas while being in touch with their emotions, they can objectively review their priorities and make amends to form a more realistic and inclusive list.

A holistic, positive work-life balance is all about prioritizing one’s time spent at work in such a way that it aligns with their true priorities in their personal life.

  • Execute

Finally, comparable to any plan you put in place, once they have identified the areas they need to focus on, recognized their priorities and mentally readied themselves to improve on the areas of concern, the next step is to execute it.

The key here is to implement it in a sustainable manner so it works out for them over a period of time. These could be executed in one of two possible ways. Either on a personal front or on a professional front.

On a personal front, it could mean making small changes like, choosing not to work beyond a certain time unless they truly wish to or not taking up projects that demand long hours that could potentially take a toll on their mental and physical health, and adhering to these decisions. And on the professional front it could mean requesting your superiors, team or partners to switch you to another role internally that is more in line with their new priorities and ensures flexible hours.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned steps are not a one-time exercise and have to be conducted regularly to ensure continuous re-evaluation and improvement.

Wishing everyone a productive week ahead.

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