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Data Center Solutions Built for Business Transformation

State-of-the-art IT and networking equipment can be an absolute game-changer for your business.

With some well-managed data center solutions, you can get the best out of your IT infrastructure.

An optimal data center environment typically includes servers, routers, storage systems, firewalls, cooling systems, generators, batteries, and cabling.
The services required in a data center range from installation to configuration and technical support.

Vertex’s Data Center Solutions are comprehensive and flexible. We take a relationship-based approach for each of our clients to provide customized support and management for your data centers.

We give you the promise of a value-packed service experience, along with enterprise-grade products and services. Leverage your existing IT environment and evolve it into a hybrid environment with our help!

A New-Generation Compute Experience

Gain cloud-like agility, security and economic control of your data centre with HPE data centre infrastructure solutions.


Our Data Center Solutions enable agile app development while facilitating other IT operations. It provides software-based infrastructure and workload-optimization solutions.


Never worry about security again!
Vertex implements the world’s most secure industry-standard servers to protect your critical business information.

Economic Control

Once subscribed to our Data Center Solutions,
you only pay for what you use enabling you to plan better for your capacity requirements and eliminate risk of over-provisioning.

Data Center Solutions & Services

Data Protection

Data Storage

Converged Infrastructure

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Hybrid Data Center Services

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