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Creating An Environment To Ensure Employee Empowerment

Creating an Environment to Ensure Employee Empowerment

Employees that are engaged and empowered are 87% less likely to leave the organization (Source: Inc., 2018)

The philosophy of “employees first” runs deep into Vertex’s DNA. They are the true assets and backbone of our nearly three-decade old legacy, and have been instrumental in building Vertex brick by brick.

One question that deserves significant deliberation and dialogue in the professional world, is whether an organization should consider employee experience at par or even above customer experience?

Well the simple answer is, “Yes, it should!”

And here are a few reasons, backed by well researched data, as to why it should be:

1) Great internal employee experience project externally
Employees are the reflection of the organization, and when employees are empowered and involved, anyone who interacts with your business automatically has a better experience, leading to increase in brand advocacy and in turn higher revenue. The clear climb in morale, creativity, and decision-making can be witnessed.

2) Increased productivity and willingness to contribute
Engaged employees perform better at the workplace as they place their interests in helping the organization succeed. They are more willing to contribute and be part of the team, which benefits the organization in terms of low absenteeism rates and higher productivity.

3) Higher employee retention
An organization with high employee engagement benefits through reduced turnover and hiring costs. Engaged employees are more likely to be motivated to work harder and be committed to their employer, in turn increasing the number of retained employees that are valuable to the organization.

How Vertex achieves this
We constantly reinvent the work environment in our organization to encourage freedom of thought, collaboration and productivity. The mental and physical well-being of the team is paramount.

Here are some ways in which we enhance employee experience:

Ensuring Positive Interactions
From the time a potential employee interviews with us, to the time they choose to move on, we ensure a smooth sailing experience that ensures an overall positive experience for both the employee and the organization. This promotes goodwill among the Vertex family which carries on outside the organization as well.

Nurturing them personally and professionally
An essential part of employee experience is for them to feel valued at the workplace. This is achieved through:

● New opportunities to encourage learning with a feedback loop to ensure constant improvement thus motivating them to voluntarily upskill and grow without being forced.
● Recognition and appreciation to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
● Consistent and open communication across all levels of the organization to reinforce our core value of honesty and transparency.
● A collaborative work experience through the availability of a supportive senior management and work environment.
● Trust and respect among all levels of the organization through fostering valuable relationships.

Equipping them with resources to enable seamless workflow
● Essential tools to support the employees’ day-to-day workflow.
● Policies to provide guidance and protect the employees and the organization as well as strengthen core values.
● Process experimentation to facilitate newer ways to a positive employee experience.
● A work environment that gets the productive juices to flow, increase employee productivity and foster growth
● Well-equipped workspaces

Are you familiar with any innovative employee-elevation exercises either in your or any other organization?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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