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Close To 50% Of Indian Organizations Take A Reactive Approach Towards Cybersecurity

Close to 50% of Indian Organizations Take a Reactive Approach Towards Cybersecurity

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The importance of Cybersecurity has been well captured by many publications and also adopted and implemented. However, the numerous studies have shown that cybercrime is on the rise despite these measures.

“The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan”, a survey research by Sophos, a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity and Tech Research Asia (TRA) released their findings a couple of weeks back. The new findings indicate that businesses are increasingly prioritizing budgets for cybersecurity.

In 2022, 11% of technology budgets across India are dedicated to cybersecurity.

In order to improve their cybersecurity capabilities in 2021, the majority of organizations (95%) engaged in threat-hunting; of the ones that did, 85% said the strategy is essential or significant to their business’s overall cybersecurity capabilities. Global solutions engineer at Sophos Aaron Bugal stated, “It’s great to see organizations taking cybersecurity more seriously, with budgets and maturity levels on the rise and organizations trying to include threat-hunting into their cyber defense strategy”.

Sophos has observed an increase in the frequency of organizations being targeted multiple times, sometimes simultaneously, making building and reviewing their cyber strategy more important. Organizations must actively combat cyberattacks, with threat-hunting acting as a continuous effort rather than a once or twice a year exercise. Regular and continuous threat-hunting is essential for organizations to stay ahead of threats and identify them; otherwise, they risk remaining susceptible, according to Bugal.

Organizations tackle cybersecurity in a reactive and passive manner. 43% of the organizations polled in India haven’t changed their information or cybersecurity strategy in the past year, indicating a complacent approach to cybersecurity—something that must change.

An attack or breach is the catalyst for a change in strategy, which sets off a cycle of “attack, change, attack, change,” which has been on the rise since 2019.

In fact, 52% of those surveyed said they would change something in the following six months as a result of an attack, highlighting the current reactive approach that organizations adopt to manage their security. Unfortunately, at the moment, cybersecurity solutions are not advancing as quickly as the threat landscape. Organizations will constantly remain in a reactive state and continue to be easy targets for attacks if they only update their cybersecurity strategies after a successful attack. Organizations in need of assistance can contract out all or a portion of their threat hunting operations to experts who monitor systems round-the-clock and have access to telemetry and artificial intelligence for faster detection and reaction times, according to Bugal.

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