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Building Investment Capacity To Accelerate Digital Transformation

Building Investment Capacity to Accelerate Digital Transformation

When working on digital transformation to lead the way in a data-driven, digital-first environment, your enterprise needs solutions that take into account the entire IT lifecycle, such as funding, procurement, capacity assurance, and responsible retirement. Vertex in collaboration with HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) helps your organization develop innovative, long-lasting IT Asset Management strategies across the full technology landscape, from edge to cloud to end-user devices, drawing on more than 20 years of financial and technological expertise. Your enterprise has large goals, and Vertex is the partner that can help you fulfil them.

Using a combination of Asset Management and Finance solutions, HPEFS can assist you in planning and financing your enterprise’s transition to aaS (as-a-Service) while keeping your sustainability objectives in mind and helping you overcome barriers to performance.

Businesses are looking for strategies to advance and quicken the digital transformation of their operations. And here are some ways Vertex can help you achieve it:

  • Creating velocity for transformation: HPEFS helps organizations design a roadmap for accelerated digital transformation. The combination of asset buyback and a minimum 12-month usage agreement boosts capital budgets and paves the way for a quick transition. This program, aims to accelerate change, provides organizations with funding to launch a migration program and a clear timeline for the decommissioning of outdated, redundant technology. 
  • Initiating transformation of Legacy into HPE GreenLake: Vertex can quickly and easily migrate all or a portion of an organization’s technology to HPE GreenLake Cloud Services without affecting ongoing operations or workloads. This will infuse capital, streamline processes, and direct funding into your enterprise’s transformation. As part of the platform upgrade, HPE Certified Pre-Owned technology and HPE Upcycling are combined to eliminate underutilized, redundant, or outdated assets. This increases legacy performance.
  • Converting Legacy to HPE GreenLake – Use the proceeds from the sale of legacy assets to pay for the switch to HPE GreenLake, across your whole tech landscape, including the edge, data center, and workplace. HPE GreenLake extends the lifespan of legacy systems and applications while modernizing multigenerational IT. 
  • Regardless of the vendor, all technology is responsibly decommissioned using processes that are consistent across the world.
  • Release accumulated value and expand funding for new business investments when budgets remain tight: Customers of HPE Financial Services who have previously used this program are eligible. This program assists in reducing current monthly payments with HPEFS, extends the contract for tech usage, and enables companies to redirect funds to new investments when used in conjunction with a new technology investment. This will enable our customers to make better use of what they already have.

At Vertex, the goal is to develop financial and asset lifecycle solutions that customers can use immediately to meet their needs and set themselves up for success in the future. Whatever an organization’s current IT budget and legacy solutions are, Vertex, via HPEFS can help create custom playbooks to help it realize its maximum technological potential.

Interested to learn more about HPE Financial Services? Get in touch with our team of experts today.

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