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Advocating For Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace Since 1993.

Advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace since 1993.

Diversity and inclusion stand for more than policies or programs. Rather, through accounting for and respecting an individual’s needs, potential and perspectives in the organization, employers benefit through trust and higher levels of commitment from their team.

But what defines diversity and inclusion? Although these two terms are interrelated, they are two different concepts.

Diversity refers to what makes up or represents an individual – such as race, caste, beliefs, religion, gender orientation, or political stance. Inclusion means that everyone feels valued and respected in the organization irrespective of who they are.

A truly inclusive organization empowers and supports all its employees by recognizing their special talents and contribution to the company’s growth. Diversity without inclusion can lead to a biased and unproductive work culture where certain employees can feel underappreciated or left out. Managing different cohorts of people takes real empathy and inclusive leadership that promotes authenticity and transparency.

Being inclusive of your diverse employee pool enables them to be their true selves, where each employee has a unique voice. This, in turn, helps bring a different perspective to the table which yields a more collaborative and innovative business outcome.

One critical advantage of diversity and inclusion is a heterogeneous talent pool, leading to better productivity and excellent hires for your organization.

This is because employers are breaking away from homogenous hiring and looking for the best talent without any restriction. In addition, given the dynamic and disruptive tendency of the market, diverse teams can also cultivate better ideas for products or services for upcoming customer profiles. As a result, your organization can also build multi-faceted strategies for your client with ease.

Since inception, Vertex has strived to bring all the members of the organization together, irrespective of their gender, caste, or beliefs with one common thread – being India’s go-to partner for quality IT infrastructure solutions and services. It empowers and promotes different perspectives and thoughts, which will help provide a better solution to their customers while building a nurturing environment for all its employees.

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