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A Little About Who We Are

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Vertex Techno Solutions (B) Pvt Ltd is a multi-award winning pioneer in the technology infrastructure solutions and services domain with its roots running deep into the IT industry for nearly 30 years.

Vertex offers top-notch enterprise and end-consumer IT Infrastructure & Computing Solutions & Services at competitive prices.

We have helped improve, transform and grow companies across multiple verticals with its industry & technology expertise and unparalleled support services.

The Vertex Vision

To be India’s go-to partner for high-quality, sustainable and reliable
IT infrastructure solutions & services for organizations of all sizes.

The Vertex Mission

To provide the highest quality IT infrastructure solutions and services to our customers by empowering our employees and nurturing a culture
of ‘family first’, all while being knowledgeable, sustainable and reliable.

Come, walk with us through our 28-year journey

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Vertex’s growth has been an eventful and a highly charged one towards excellence. A journey marked by pioneering strategies in the IT industry.
For nearly 3 decades Vertex has been enabling and empowering organizations with secure and reliable IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services
ensuring their business success.

Vertex Techno Solutions Timeline

Tailor-made Solutions

We believe in customizing each solution to meet individual client requirements. With a customer-centric approach, we focus on understanding customers requirement, evaluate and implement customized IT solution. Our strong partnership has helped us offer robust End-to-End IT Infrastructure Solutions to our clients, to
ensure seamless IT infrastructure being
offered, we partner with
the world’s best.

Deep-rooted Industry Expertise

At Vertex, we are a team of highly experienced professionals with roots running deep into the IT industry. Our niche-specific business strategies have proven beneficial for many clients around the globe.

The last 28 years have proven to be equal parts eventful and successful. Our journey has been through many phases,
and we’ve collected various awards on the way.

Unrivaled Pre & Post-sales Support

We are here to help you find the optimum solution to support your IT needs and understand that it is an ongoing process.

We don’t look at our clients as a one-time transaction but strive to build a long-term partnership instead. The partnership begins with pre-sales consulting support accompanied by training.

Even after the solutions are implemented, we continue to maintain a strong relationship with our customers by offering after-sales support with quick resolution.

Socially & Environmentally Responsible

We are not just all about IT services; we care about our surroundings too! Social and environmental responsibilities are deep-rooted in the essence of our work.

We take up various CSR activities all year round to give back to society. Additionally, we are very conscious toward climate conservation.

We do our best to work with sustainable partners who regularly put in conscious efforts to offset their carbon footprint.

Economically Viable Solutions & Services

Do you believe IT solutions are extremely expensive? We have the perfect surprise for you. At Vertex, we provide the best IT storage solutions at affordable prices.

The next time you are worried that you might have to spend too much on your network solutions or cloud security solutions, just drop us a line! We will be happy to help you figure out the most cost-effective way to work on your IT needs.

Robust Global Delivery & Implementation

Over the years, we have fostered strong relationships with multiple clients across the globe — to the credit of our customer-centric approach.

We offer robust IT infrastructure solutions to our clients and ensure a seamless experience. Vertex has formed alliances with global IT partners to bring only the best services to the table.

We have been empowering and enabling businesses globally with efficient strategies and implementation for their IT needs.

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