Edgeline Converged Edge Systems

HPE Edgeline hardened machines—able to operate in extreme conditions—bring robust computing power and high capacity storage in adapted form factor to remote locations. And HPE works with OT industry leaders such as ABB, General Electric, Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), and National Instruments to make sure that you get absolutely the right solution for you.

Edgeline Portfolio

m510 server

HPE Proliant m510x

A server blade with the Intel® Xeon® D processors that brings performance and advanced intelligence into a dense, lower-power system-on-a-chip.

Edgeline 4000

HPE Edgeline EL 4000

Converged OT and IT infrastructure that includes up to four compute blades (up to 64 Xeon cores and 48TB of SSD storage), with four data capture/control slots, and scalable high capacity storage.


HPE Proliant m710x

A high density server blade with Intel® Xeon® E3 processor and embedded graphics accelerators for the most demanding workloads like application delivery, video transcoding, and data analytics.

GL10 iot

HPE GL10 IoT Gateway

Expandable, low power edge gateway powered by the Intel Atom dual-core processor for data aggregation and light compute at the edge.

Gl20 iot

HPE GL20 IoT Gateway

Industrialized, performance-optimized edge gateway is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor for data aggregation and higher compute capabilities.


HPE Edgeline EL 1000

Entry level converged OT and IT infrastructure that features a single computer blade (up to 16 Xeon cores and 20TB of SSD storage), with two data capture/control slots, and multiple I/O and storage options.

Solutions we benefit from

Reduce network traffic and cloud lock-in

Analyze and process data at the edge, instead of sending it back and forth to a central data center or to the cloud.

Accelerate time to action and control

Collect, manage, and analyze data at the edge to quickly gain insight and react to changes and opportunities.

Cost efficiency

Put compute power at the edge to reduce network infrastructure and management costs, and remove unnecessary spending for storage capacity in DC or cloud environments.