Server Storage

Storage consolidation solutions are built rock-solid for IT departments that support critical business applications. By consolidating storage into a dedicated resource, you can make your data available to any computer or server on the network there are no isolated silos or islands of capacity. We understand that servers, business applications and storage must work seamlessly together. Our consultants can provide detailed information on specific business applications based on IT needs.


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Server Services/Solutions

Servers centralized backup plan

All businesses ought to backup their data on a daily basis. By having all of your company and employee data keep in one location, backups are often performed dependably and quickly. therefore you may never need to worry concerning what data is stored on what digital computer as you are doing in a peer-to-peer network. Nowadays nearly every media often used for backup functions.

server backup
server reliability

Servers Reliability

Servers are designed to run in any respect times, even within the event of a hardware failure. that is why several servers are equipped with redundant power supplies. Normally, if one in all the power supplies dies, the server would mechanically closedown. leading to losing data. With a secondary power supply running in tandem, the lost of one of the power supplies does not impact normal system operations and as a result, goes unnoted by the users.

Server security

The most vital role of a file server is that the network security it provides. The server permits you to manage file access on one system instead of on every workstation individually; that saves time and energy. and if a user’s workstation fails, that worker will head to another workstation to continue acting on the same files.A big portion of security is analyzing your systems, understanding the available attack surfaces, and locking down the components as best as you can.

server security