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Our comprehensive and customizable solutions suite combines the correlation of information, context, and technologies to give tools needed to deliver security intelligence and manage risk. The complete visibility, deep context, and automated response functions of the platform have the net effect of substantially improving your security risk posture. The network and security solutions offered by us delivers the advanced correlation, application protection, and network defenses to protect today’s hybrid IT infrastructure from sophisticated cyber threats.

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IT Solution

IT Security Audit

An IT security audit involves an IT specialist examining associate organization’s existing IT infrastructure  to spot the strength of its current security arrangements and pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities.

Our expert’s consultants will address your most crucial security desires, tight compliance necessities, and complicated technology challenges—with a deep understanding of your distinctive environment, needs and goals.

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manage Security

Manage Security solutions

A managed security service is an extension of your security operations that closes the loop of individuals, processes, and technology, providing  24×7 security operations center support. Vertex Managed Security Services defend thousands of client environments across India.
We deliver advanced information analytics and security insights  Our info security services span complete network coverage, endpoints, vulnerability management, observation, and analysis.

IT Security Compliance

IT security compliance and risk management are very important to safeguard your organization and sensitive data. we provide security services to handle your most crucial security needs, rigorous compliance needs, and sophisticated technology challenges. Our security assessment services can assist you to clarify your obligations and establish, assess, and mitigate your risks to make sure your technology, procedures, and controls stay compliant with business rules.

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Data loss prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the process and methodology to find and stop the unauthorized transmission or disclosure of sensitive information.Our DLP Risk Assessment Service identifies sensitive data that has been traced or is in transit from its original location. The assessment captures and identifies assets on the network, on shares, on SANs, in Databases and Email Systems and in transit.

End-to-End Security

One of the vital elements of any risk management strategy isn’t the technology itself, however, the organization, structure, documentation, and management that put the technology to work. Vertex IT Security team will work with the customer to plan and develop the optimum solution for end-to-end security. The approach has to be flexible to take into account the varying business models, risks, etc,

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