Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyperconvergence is more than just merging enterprise storage and compute in a single solution. It’s tightly integrating software and infrastructure into a central, efficient platform. It’s seamlessly managing, allocating, and scaling resource pools across multiple compute and storage devices, without taking a deep dive into the underlying architecture of your data center.


HPE SimpliVity combines your IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional and public cloud offerings.

SimpliVity and HPE

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Key Capabilities Of HPE SimpliVity

Data virtualization provides global deduplication, compression, and optimization on all I/O at ingest across all nodes in a Federation, not only reducing the capacity requirements, but also improving the speed of data operations, and ultimately eliminating the need for WAN optimization appliances.


Global management through a VMware vCenter plug-in greatly reduces management and administrative complexity by abstracting the policy from the infrastructure. The solution also works with orchestration and automation software from VMware vRealize Automation as well as any software that can consume REST APIs.


VM centricity ensures that all operations (clones, backups, restores, moves) happen at a VM level within the data center, as well as across multiple data centers.


Policy-based native data protection in the form of local and remote backups comes with the ability to restore anywhere in a Federation through advanced disaster recovery functionality that is abstracted away from the underlying infrastructure. The ability to perform file-level restores is supported as well.


Scale-out and scale-in architecture where hyper-converged infrastructure nodes can be added to and removed from a Federation on demand while remaining centrally managed from the same management interface simplifies IT planning.


Full VMware integration with technologies such as vMotion and Storage vMotion makes it easy to move workloads within the data center.


High availability with no single point of failure offers enterprise-class reliability.


Auto-tiering of data across SSD and HDD storage tiers ensures that data lives on the optimal resource.


Hypervisor agnosticism will eventually extend the technology to other hypervisors beyond VMware, with Microsoft Hyper-V support being on the short-term roadmap.

Solve Business Challenges with HPE SimpliVity

Data Recovery

HPE SimpliVity has built-in data protection features and an extremely simple, automated recovery process to help ensure success. HPE SimpliVity RapidDR, an optional software tool, guides you through disaster recovery planning and orchestration and provides fast and reliable IT recovery including one-click failover or failback.

Data Protection

Protect your data in a fraction of the time required by legacy solutions. With built-in, end-to-end data protection, HPE SimpliVity reduces storage and bandwidth requirements, resulting in more recovery points and enhanced VM protection.

Hybrid Cloud

Get enterprise-level performance and reliability with the efficiency, flexibility and economics of cloud. HPE SimpliVity is a natural fit for a hybrid environment and offers the cost benefits of public cloud without the inherent risks of moving data offsite.

HyperConverged all-flash

HPE SimpliVity all-flash storage delivers twice the performance of hybrid solutions with half the latency, at an entry point that costs 20% less than competitors. Don’t compromise on quality. Improve cost savings over leading all-flash solutions and get even higher levels of performance, data integrity, and availability.


Remove distance as a limitation. HPE SimpliVity introduces cost-effective scalability for remote and branch offices, provides built-in data efficiency and protection for ROBOs, and centralizes management into a single, unified solution. New single-processor configurations result in server and licensing cost savings at every site.

Data Center Consolidation

Minimize your data center footprint. Placing all your IT infrastructure below the hypervisor on a scalable x86 platform reduces your data center devices by 10:1, resulting in lower upfront costs, greater operational efficiency and improved performance.

HPE Portfolio

The industry’s most complete hyperconverged solution with policy-based, VM-centric management and always-on compression and deduplication.

The same resilient software as HPE SimpliVity 380, in a hyper-efficient, rack-dense form factor that’s ideal for VDI environments.