Cloud Ready Storage

Cloud storage solutions that work or process seamlessly with the public cloud and your data center permitting your
information to move freely without any constraints on workload or location.


HPE Cloud Volumes

An enterprise multi-cloud storage service for running your applications in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It is easy to use and has the enterprise-grade reliability and features your applications need.

HPE StoreOnce Data Protection

Backup appliances that offer simple affordable and flexible data protection with rapid recovery and application integration.

HPE Nimble Cloud Storage

Cloud ready all flash and adaptive flash arrays with native cloud integration to enable hybrid IT deployments. It delivers 99.9999% guaranteed availability.

HPE Cloud Bank Storage

Enable cloud backup and disaster recovery directly from your HPE 3PAR flash storage or HPE StoreOnce backup appliance. Leverage the cloud platform of your choice, including AWS S3, Microsoft Azure and Scality for long-term retention, disaster recovery and archiving for over 100 PB of data.

HPE Infosight

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud-based predictive analytics that transforms how infrastructure is managed. It eliminates wasted time by predicting and resolving 86% of problems before your business is impacted and ensuring 99.9999% of guaranteed availability.

HPE OneSphere

An as-a-service hybrid cloud management solution that simplifies and streamlines operations to enable velocity and cost efficiency, and enable you to build, deploy and manage apps on any cloud or your own infrastructure

Data Storage Management and Solution